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What's full coverage auto insurance?


There is no such thing as full coverage. Depending on your state, you can buy all the insurance coverage available and you still wouldn't be fully covered.

Most people use this term to refer to Physical Damage coverage. Physical Damage coverage consists of Collision and Comprehensive coverage. Generally, Collisioncovers damage to your automobile caused by collision with another object or by upset. Comprehensive insurance covers damage to your automobile from vandalism, theft or glass breakage. Most lien holders require physical damage coverage if you are financing or leasing your vehicle.

So, the term came from lien holders saying that your car had to be fully covered instead of just buying the state required coverage or minimum state required coverage.

When you get a quote at, you will see a coverage page that will outline all the required state coverages, all the required coverages if you have a loan or a lease, and all the optional coverage options. In addition, our coverage packages help you pick the best coverage to protect you or you can customize to compare to your current policy or current insurance recommendations.

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3 Responses to "What's full coverage auto insurance?"
  1. Anonymous

    Basically no insurance company ever explained it to me. You learn something new every day.(lol)

  2. Anonymous

    my car engine is gone. and the car is undriveable and i still owe on the car how can i get some low undriveable full coverage insurance from. i still want to continue to pay the loan off. i cant afford to have a repo on my credit report

  3. Anonymous

    The answer helped me out to know exactly what a full coverage is.