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What is a "swoop and squat" fraud scheme?


This scam occurs when the vehicle you are following is suddenly passed by another vehicle that "swoops" in front of it.

This causes the vehicle in front of you to stop abruptly, or "squat." The drivers of both the swoop and squat car planned the accident.

As a result, you are unable to avoid colliding with the rear end of the vehicle. Typically, the swoop car will never be seen again and the driver of the squat car submits vehicle damage and personal injury claims to your insurer.

Many times multiple occupants in the squat car will fabricate bodily injuries as well.

CarInsurance.com believes insurance fraud is one of the leading causes of higher insurance rates.

Comment Update: Any time fraud is committed, a party is stealing from the insurance company. In this example, the person that is committing fraud, is trying to get fraudulent repairs completed or injuries (whether inflicted by this occurence or not) fraudulently paid.


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5 Responses to "What is a "swoop and squat" fraud scheme?"
  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for having this. I didnt know exactly how this con game was done. Now I do.

  2. Anonymous

    It neglected to mention the car to the side that keeps you from moving laterally to avoid hitting the rear end of the first car.

  3. Anonymous

    This almost happened to me Sunday night. I did not know the name of this con game, but I was aware of the con. I was so angry that after avoiding an "accident", and the third time that I have avoided this kind of "accident" I followed the squatter with my horn blaring, and when we came to a stop light I pulled up beside the passenger side of the car and cursed them emphatically. This game is getting old, almost as old as me.... and that is old.

  4. Anonymous

    I was not told what happens so they can steal your insurance.

  5. Anonymous

    Fun to learn about insurance with your site...thank you.