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Why does the sign on not recognize my ID and password?


96.3% of the time, this is because the user forgot their password, but your situation may be unique.

We have solutions for you if you forgot your password. Here is an explanation of our user account scenarios.

Your ID is typically your email address or your phone number (if you didn't have an email address when you purchased over the telephone).

You choose your password when you get a quote online. Alternatively, if you purchase your policy by calling our call center you are given your temporary password, which you must personalize when you login.

If you think your password is wrong or you forgot it, go here and follow the instructions to reset your password.

If you have changed your email address or need to change your email address you can update it after you log into your account. If you are unable to remember the information to log into your account, please follow the 'contact us' link on this page and call our customer service center.


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