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I am required to file for SR-22; How long do I have to keep filing for it?


Each state has different regulations for SR22s and there are different types of SR22s. In addition, judges in some states have the authority to set their own rules in regards to financial responsibility filing (SR22).

Typically, an SR22 is required for 3 years from the date you start you take out the first one. If at any time during that 3 years you don't have the SR22, you have to start over and keep it for a complete 3 years with no lapse.

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Comment Update:

Rhode Island

  • Future proof of insurance certificates (SR22) are required in cases of driver license suspension as a result of major conviction or a number of convictions.
  • A policy of liability insurance certified by a future proof filing is not considered to provide absolute coverage.
  • The filing requirement period varies and is set by the court. Therefore, it may be the standard 3 years or a different period of time.
  • A filing may be made for an insured other than a named insured (on behalf of) as long as it is an operators certificate.


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