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Do I as a G1 driver need to be put on my parents insurance in order to drive?



Once you get a G1 license advise your insurance broker. Typically there is no charge for adding them to the policy at that time. Some companies even give a credit discount when they get a G2 license as long as no accidents or convictions occured and they are on the policy with a G1 license for 1 year.

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3 Responses to "Do I as a G1 driver need to be put on my parents insurance in order to drive?"
  1. Anonymous

    i am very pleased to know this info as i am a G1 holder and am eligible to be insured without any extra charge with my wifes insurer. though i need to confirm if they will allow me to be put on.

  2. Anonymous

    I rated this 10 (excellent) because I had just obtained my G1 permit and didnt know if I was just under my parents insurance automatically or what...

  3. Anonymous

    My girlfriend got full coverage insurance and she is only a G1 driver. Then she lent me the car for the day and I totalled the car. Is she covered?