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I had my license suspended in Rhode Island and need a SR-22 in order to get my license reinstated. I live in Massachusetts and need to know how I obtain an SR-22?


If your license has been suspended in Rhode Island it is also suspended in Massachusetts according to state law.

Many have said it is hard to acquire SR-22 filings in Massachusetts because your home state is one of the few out there that does not require a SR-22 to be filed for any reason.

The Massachusetts's Division of Insurance, who is the insurance regulator for the state, suggests that you contact an insurance carrier which writes throughout the country rather than just in Massachusetts such as Progressive or GEICO as those carriers are more likely to write SR22's.

We do work with Progressive and they do write SR-22 policies for other states with the higher limit of the two being required. If you still need help finding an insurance company that will file the SR-22 for you, we recommend that you contact Massachusetts's Division of Insurance directly for consumer help.

According to a bulletin put out by the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents the state's Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) has stepped in to help those eligible to regain their driving privileges while filing an SR-22. The steps to follow are:

1. Go to a walk-in hearing at the RMV. Bring out documentation showing the need for an SR-22 from the state requiring this filing.

2. If there are no other issues with your MA driver's license (unpaid tickets, etc.) the hearing officer will reinstate the MA privileges for 30 days. You may now legally drive in Massachusetts for a period of 30 days, but not yet in the state requiring the SR-22.

3. Get your SR-22 filed and the state requiring it should issue you a release thus reinstating your driving privileges in that state. A copy of this release will then need to be provided to the hearing officer at the RMV. This needs to be done within the 30 day period given to you in step 3 or your MA. license will be suspended again.

CarInsurance.com can help you obtain personal auto insurance for Massachusetts. We offer multiple company insurance rates for car insurance and the ability to purchase from one place.

With your situation you likely will have to contact an insurance company directly, such as Progressive, after receiving your quote to discuss the filing of the SR-22 in Rhode Island.

Comment update: Please read our information for obtaining a SR-22 in Rhode Island for a resident of Rhode Island here.


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3 Responses to "I had my license suspended in Rhode Island and need a SR-22 in order to get my license reinstated. I live in Massachusetts and need to know how I obtain an SR-22?"
  1. Visitor

    Yes, you would any time in ANY state has ANY requirements for you, you must complete them in order to get a license in any other state, because all DMV/RMVs are connect now through the NDR (National Driving Record System) if you are under suspension in any state then NO state will issue you a license.

  2. Visitor

    My license was suspended in RI and I also need the SR22 to reinstate. But, I've moved to another state and want another state's license. Do I still need the SR-22? Why would I need it if I do not live in RI?

  3. Anonymous

    I need to get SR-22 insurance to re-instate my license in Rhode Island. This was the result of my inquiry, which would have been a lot of help if I lived in Massachusetts. As a Rhode Island resident, it was useless.