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What is the penalty phase for insurance lapse in the state of new york?


Anytime that your vehicle is registered but not insured in NYS it can cause a lapse in your insurance coverage and suspension of your registration. In the state of New York the Department of Motor Vehicles should notify you once they are aware of a lapse in your auto insurance by a letter. This letter will give you instructions on how you need to prove you have insurance or sold the vehicle. If you cannot prove you this, you will need to surrender your vehicle's license plates to the NYS DMV - when you do so get a receipt.

You may not be required to surrender your plates for a lapse of 90 days or shorter if you pay a civil penalty fine. There is a certain way in which to calculate what the fine will be so contact the DMV. If the lapse exceeds 90 days your driver license will be suspended. If you do not surrender your plates to the DMV they will suspend your registration and driver license indefinitely. To reinstate your driver license you must pay a fee of $25 when the suspension ends.

If you are in need to New York car insurance start shopping now for it so that you will not have your plates, registration or license suspended.


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