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Can I get a ticket if my front windshield is broken on the passengers side?

It will depend on the state laws and insurance guidelines. If your state requires vehicle inspections it is likely your car would fail for having a windshield cracked or broken on the passenger side. If your state does not inspect autos it is likely that they have a law or statute that makes it illegal to have a broken windshield.

For example, in New York it is unlawful to operate a car with any glass that is broken, fractured or discolored so that the driver's view is distorted. Minnesota's law is similar in that it prohibits a person driving a vehicle with a cracked windshield that limits or obstructs proper vision.

In Virginia the windshield is not allowed to have a pit, chip or star crack larger than 1 1/2 inches at any location in the windshield above the 3 inch line at the bottom. Illinois does not allow a person to drive a car with a windshield, side or rear window that is needs to be repaired or is defective in that it impairs the driver's view to the front, side or rear.

If you want to see if your state has a law similar to these check with the DMV or state statutescheck with the DMV or state statutes. It is likely that a crack on the passenger side of the window will not be the only reason you could be pulled over but you could possibly get a secondary or a fix-it ticket for it, if your state laws allow. Start you California Casualty auto insurance quote.

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    were talking California here NOT Arizona, NY etc