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I have 6 points on my provisional license what happens now?


It will depend on what state you are in and the terms of your provisional license as to what will happen to your license due to the amount of points you have accumulated. 

You need to check with your department of motor vehicle (DMV) or similar state agency to find out what will happen to your provisional license.

For example, in California you are considered a negligent operator if you receive 4 points in 12 months or 6 points in 24 months on your driving record, no matter the license type. If you are classified as a negligent operator your license may be suspended and if further points are assigned to your record may cause you to have your license revoked.

On each of our state pages we have links to the state's DMV, licensing agency and points list (if applicable, not all states have point systems in place).  Check with your DMV or licensing agency of your state, you should be able to find the penalties that you may incur due to the points you have on your provisional license.

I'd recommend for you to find out if taking a driver improvement course would help you to reduce points with your DMV or get you a discount with your auto insurance provider.  As a young driver, you know just how expensive it is for car insurance -- and getting tickets will only make your rates go higher.  Thus, finding ways to save is important.  Review our discount guide to find discounts that you may be eligible for.

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