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Do you know where I can get a blank DL-123 form?


North Carolina law requires that a DL-123 form has to be filled out and signed by your auto insurance agency before you can receive your NC license. Certification of liability insurance coverage must be submitted to the DMV in this fashion and it must be from an insurance company licensed to do business in North Carolina.

The DL-123 form can typically be obtained at a DMV testing center or from your auto insurance agency. Your insurance agent will fill out the actual form so that you have it available for the DMV or other entity that needs it.

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3 Responses to "Do you know where I can get a blank DL-123 form?"
  1. Anonymous

    the form is on the internet somewhere....

  2. Anonymous

    A lawyer was requiring this form from a client. We had never heard of it before. Your explanation was excellent.

  3. Anonymous

    answered my question