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How long do points stay on your driving record or on your driving license?

How long points for traffic offenses stay on your driving record depends on what state you are residing in and have your driver's license in. You will need to check with your specific state's department of motor vehicles to find out what your state laws guidelines are for points staying on your driving record.

Here are some examples to see how it varies by state:

In Wisconsin traffic violation convictions remain on the driver's record for 5 years from the date of conviction, unless it is alcohol related then is left on the record for 55 years. If you have a commercial license citation convictions can stay on your driving license for 10 years to life.

Massachusetts allows for points to remain on your record for 6 years. Criminal offenses though stay on your record for life.

Michigan only allows points to remain on a driving record for 2 years after the conviction date.

Toronto, Canada, your driving conviction can be looked at on your record for 3 years but stays on the record for another year before being taken completely off.

Utah's points system allows for when you drive one full year without a moving traffic violation conviction, for one-half your accumulated points to be removed from your driving record. If you drive two straight years without a conviction, all points are deleted. Otherwise, individual convictions are automatically removed 3 years after the date of the violation.

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