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Can you drive out-of-state with a Conditional license or Restricted License?


If you have a conditional or restricted license due to your main full driving privileges being suspended or revoked, then there normally are limitations to where and when you can drive. Each state has different guidelines for where you can go with a restricted license.

For examples in Arizona you can only go between your place of residence and: your place of employment during specified period of time, secondary or postsecondary school according to your educational schedule, office of a physician, treatment facility and office of your probation officer.

In Illinois, motorist whose driving privileges have been revoked or suspended may apply for a special restricted permit. To obtain such a permit, the driver must prove that a hardship exists. If the permit is obtained the driver is only allowed to drive during certain times and along specified routes for work-related or educational purposes or to receive medical care or drug treatment.

If you have a restricted or conditional license and need to drive out of state you will need to check with your state's Department of Motor Vehicles to find out if you can do so. Unless it is for work, school or an emergency, likely the limitations on your license will not allow you to do so.

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