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What is the fee for lapse in auto insurance for Georgia?


In the state of Georgia, motor vehicle owners and lessees are required to maintain continuous mandatory liability insurance coverage on their vehicle in order to: legally drive the vehicle, register and obtain Georgia license plates and renew, replace or transfer their existing GA license tags.

Insurers must electronically report insurance information, including if your insurance has been terminated or if there is a lapse. Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) defines a lapse as 10 or more days where the records show that your motor vehicle was not covered by an auto insurance policy.

When the DOR sees that you are uninsured a Notice of Lapse Mandatory Liability Insurance Coverage will be mailed to the vehicle's registered owner. This notice will request the payment of a $25 lapse fee and require you to show proof of valid insurance coverage within 30 days.

If the lapse fee is not paid within 30 days of the letter's date, your vehicle's registration will be suspended. To cancel the suspension, the vehicle owner must now pay the $25 lapse fee plus a $60 reinstatement fee as well as show proof of auto insurance.

If you need more information regarding an insurance lapse in GA contact the DOR, while if you need to obtain Georgia auto insurance start now by getting a cheap car insurance quote.


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    It answered my question perfectly. It also answered any subsequent questions that derived from the original question and answer. You covered all the bases.