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What are "comprehensive" and "collision" coverage "deductibles"?


Comprehensive and collision coverage are physical damage coverages that are normal options which auto insurance consumers can choose to place on their vehicle. Collision coverage helps pay damages when your car hits, or is hit by, another vehicle or object or if your vehicle rolls over.

Comprehensive coverage helps pay for damage to your car resulting from incidents other than collision. This can include damages from falling objects, vandalism, theft, fire and certain natural disasters.

A deductible is required with either of these coverages. A deductible is the amount of the loss which you, the insured, agree to pay for if you file a claim under these coverages. Typically, the insured is responsible to pay their deductible before benefits from the insurance company are payable.

The deductible amount is chosen by the insured at the inception of their policy. They may choose a higher deductible to lower their premium. It is wise to not pick a deductible amount higher than what you can afford to pay out if it is needed.

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