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What are the penalties and fines for driving without insurance in North Carolina?


Being cited for driving without insurance is 3 points on your North Carolina license, along with a fine and other penalties. To find out the amount of the fine you will need to contact the court or other entity listed on the violation citation.

Penalties for driving a motor vehicle without at least the NC required minimum insurance on it can include losing your license plate and having your driver's license suspended. Typically after your insurance has canceled or has lapsed your insurance company will inform the NC DOT.

At this point the NC DOT will send you a letter and request new insurance information. If you ignore the notice or fail to show proof of current insurance on your vehicle, you will lose your license plates 30 days. After this 30 day revocation you must provide proof of insurance and pay fees so that you can get your tags back.

If you are found driving or in are involved in an accident without insurance the penalties can be harsher, including the suspension of your driver's license. If you have been driving without car insurance, you should try to acquire auto insurance for your vehicle as soon as possible. You can obtain a free car insurance quote here.


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