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How do I know if a car is stolen?

It sounds as if you are thinking of buying a car but want to know a way to check and make sure the vehicle is not stolen. If this is the case you should write down the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and research the automobile.

Many motorists have found a site called Carfax to be helpful when researching a vehicle. You pay this company a fee and the VIN of a vehicle and they will give you the history of the car. Typically their results will tell you the last several owners of the vehicle and if the title is clear or if it is a salvage vehicle.

A thorough vehicle history report through Carfax or another company can include a title check, odometer check, problem check and registration check. All this information should be able to help you to determine if the car has been stolen in the past.

A car's VIN can be found on dashboards and the driver's side door jamb stickers normally. This is in cars and light trucks built after 1981.

If you do not want to run a vehicle history report than another option might be to call law enforcement or the DMV with the VIN information and see if they can make certain this vehicle has not been reported as stolen.

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2 Responses to "How do I know if a car is stolen?"
  1. Anonymous

    because i bought a car and i wish to know if the car is stolen or not

  2. Anonymous

    Carfax does not claim to provide any information regarding whether a car is reported stolen, and does not warranty a clear title. Experian, however, will, for an additional fee, although they too are not tied into law enforcement computers.