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I got a speeding ticket in NY state, going 82 in a 65. Will this affect my Massachusetts auto premium??


In New York a speeding ticket for 11 to 20 mph over the speed limit is 4 point offense. New York is likely to send information regarding this citation to Massachusetts after you have paid the fine and been convicted of the violation.

Massachusetts is not part of the Drivers License Compact but the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) has arraigned to share driving records with other states and have other states share violations of their motorists out of state citations with them. The RMV has decided to treat certain out of state violations as if they occurred in state and record them on your driving record.

To find out if the MA RMV will record this NY speeding ticket on your driving and assess surcharge points for it, you will need to contact them. If surcharge points are given it would either be 2 for this minor traffic violation or 0, if this is your first traffic offense.

If a surcharge is assigned, your insurance rates will be affected. Each surcharge point increases the premium paid for 4 coverages in a MA insurance policy: compulsory bodily injury, personal injury protection, property damage and collision.

According to the Safe Driver Insurance Plan, in 2006, the premium for drivers with less than 6 years of driving experience is 7.5% above the base rate for each surcharge point on their driving record. For drivers with 6 or more years of driving experience the premium is 15% above the base rate.


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2 Responses to "I got a speeding ticket in NY state, going 82 in a 65. Will this affect my Massachusetts auto premium??"
  1. Anonymous

    I have a similar situation and was considering whether to contest the ticket (because of potential impact on insurance) or just pay the fine. I called the Massachusetts RMV and asked this specific question. The person there told me that New York does not report speeding tickets to them. They said that for example New Hampshire does, but New York does not. Based on this, Ill just pay the ticket and forget contesting because Id have to drive 300 miles to the court. In time well see if the above persons response to my question was correct, and if I remember, Ill try to find this page and update with another comment.

  2. Anonymous

    I got a ticket in Mass at 80 on a 65 zone. I have a NH license. How does this impact my NH insurance and driving record ? Thank you.