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What is the penalty for driving with an invalid drivers license in Pennsylvania??

In Pennsylvania, no person may drive any motor vehicle upon a highway or public property without a driver's license valid under the PA Motor Vehicle Code. Pennsylvania MVC chapter 15 explains that public property includes, but is not limited to, driveways and parking lots owned or leased by the Commonwealth or an agency thereof.

Again according to the PA MVC chapter 15, if a person drives without a valid license in Pennsylvania, they are guilty of a summary offense and upon conviction shall be sentenced to pay a fine of $200.This is unless the person charged can show proof of holding a valid license on the last day of the preceding driver's license period and no more than 1 year has elapsed from the last date for renewal.In this case the fine paid shall be $25.

If the person charged with driving without a valid license can produce at the office of issuing authority within 15 days of the violation, a valid license (which was valid at the time of the violation) or that the driver's license is lost, stolen or destroyed but was licensed at the time of the violation, they will not be convicted of the charge.

The penalties for showing a license or permit that is not valid when stopped for a violation include being fined, assessed 3 points for a "violation concerning the license" and possibly receiving jail time.

Driving with a revoked or suspended license or a second or additional offense of driving without a valid license within a 5 year period will result in your Pennsylvania driving privileges being suspended or revoked for a lengthier period of time.To find out more information regarding penalties for driving without a license in PA, contact PennDOT.


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