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How many driving classes can you take a year to get points off your driving record? Is there a way to get points off besides waiting for them to come off?


How many times you can take driver improvement classes, a defensive driving course, or other form of traffic school to keep points off or remove points from your driving record depends upon your state's laws or statutes. Some states do not allow traffic school for point reduction at all, while others do but only once every so many months or years.

For example, in Florida you can elect to attend traffic school only 1 time within a 12 month period and only 5 times in total within your lifetime of having a FL driver's license. In Florida the months are floating, meaning that if you received your citation in July you cannot take another traffic school class until after that time period the next year.

In California, you are allowed to attend traffic school once every 18 months. If your offense is eligible for driving classes, it usually will be stated on your citation or court papers.

Besides schools specific to taking keeping off a violation and/or points that you were recently cited for, as mentioned above, some states allow for you to take classes to remove demerit points previously put onto your record.

The state of Wisconsin allows a Traffic Safety School (TSS) to be taken once every 5 years to have a driver's demerit point total reduced by 3 upon completion.

New York allows NYS licensed drivers to reduce their violation point total by up to 4 points and save 10 percent on auto liability insurance by taking a DMV approved accident prevention course. NY points may be reduced only once in any 18 month period. 

To find out if your state allows one to take a traffic course to keep a violation and points off the driving record or to remove previous points, contact your Department of Motor Vehicles. If traffic school is not available you can ask the DMV if there are other options to removing points from your driving record or if only waiting a set period of time will take away the points you have accumulated thus far.

Our article, What To Do After Receiving A Traffic Ticket, may also be of help to you. 


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2 Responses to "How many driving classes can you take a year to get points off your driving record? Is there a way to get points off besides waiting for them to come off?"
  1. Anonymous

    It was kinda helpful... I need my driving record cleaned up in Missouri, Unfortunately, since I'm a felon anyway.... I need points removed from my Missouri driving record any way.

  2. Anonymous

    How do I check to see how many points are on my drivers license