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Does liability cover my car if it catches on fire for no reason of my own?


Liability insurance covers you when damage or injuries are done to others. Property damage liability covers you if your car damages someone else's property, not your own vehicle's damages. For your vehicle to be covered for damages you would need to have physical damage coverages.

Physical damage coverages include collision and comprehensive. In the case of your vehicle catching on fire for an unexplained reason, you would need comprehensive insurance on your vehicle.

Comprehensive covers your vehicle for losses other than collision. This can include covering for your car if it is stolen, damaged by flood, fire or animals among other things. Without this coverage and with only liability on your vehicle, unfortunately a fire of unknown origin would not be covered.


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1 Responses to "Does liability cover my car if it catches on fire for no reason of my own?"
  1. Judy

    I had only liability on my RV and it caught fire and burned to the ground. While it was burning it did damage to my house (it was parked in front of it). I called the insurance company and they said it would not pay for anything. I understand not paying for the RV but I can't about the house. I didn't live in the house and I didn't have a homeowner's policy on it, but had a homeowner's where I do live. I thought the liability on the RV should cover the damage it caused to the house. The insurance company said that if I was parked in an RV park and it caught fire and did damage that no one could sue me because I didn't start the fire, is that right?