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Can you insure and register a car before you get a license?

It will depend on state laws and insurance company guidelines if you will be able to insure and register a car before you obtain a license. The Department of Motor Vehicles, or like agency, for your state will be able to inform you of what documentation you will need to register a vehicle. In some states this may include a driver's license.

Insurance companies will prefer that you to have a license when you apply for insurance coverage on a vehicle. Some insurance companies will permit you to start a policy without a license if you are able to obtain a full license within a short time frame, typically 30 to 45 days from the inception of the policy. If the license is not acquired during this time period than your insurance would be cancelled.

You will likely find it easier to buy, register and insure a vehicle if you have a full, valid driver's license in your possession. If you are ready to get auto insurance quote, start here with us.


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