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How long do points stay on your driving record in the state of New Jersey?


In New Jersey the seriousness of motorist traffic violations, and the resulting penalties, are tracked by the Motor Vehicle Commission's point system. If you are convicted of a moving violation, MVC will penalize you by adding points to your driving record.

You will only get points on your record for moving violations. Points are not assessed for parking and other violations. The NJ MVC keeps a permanent record of all the points a New Jersey driver has earned. It is possible though to earn point deductions by remaining violation and suspension-free for one year or by taking qualified driving courses approved by MVC.

Ways in which to get point deductions:

  • One year with no violations or suspensions can result in 3 points being reduced. The year begins on date of violation or most recent license restoration.
  • Taking a Defensive Driving Program can result in a 2 points deduction. This may be used to subtract points once every five years.
  • Taking a Driver Improvement Program can reduce your point count by 3. This may be used to subtract points once every two years.
  • Probationary Driver Program may result in a 3 point deduction.

The NJ MVC notes that your insurance company might not factor these point deductions into your insurance rate.


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3 Responses to "How long do points stay on your driving record in the state of New Jersey?"
  1. Anonymous

    i wanted to know how long does it take before a speeding ticket comes off your driving record? none of the above information was helpful.

  2. Anonymous

    How can I remove 1 point from my NJ license?

  3. Anonymous

    When you get to court to answered your summon, you was asked to go and pay at the cashier window without giving you chance to plead guilty.