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How long does a DUI stay on my record if I had one in Pennsylvania?


In 2003, Pennsylvania started enforcing a new Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Law which created a tiered approach toward DUI enforcement and treatment. This includes many changes to the penalties, terms of suspension, fines and other requirements.

The combination of an individual's Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level, and prior offenses, determines the licensing requirements and penalties. The new law focuses on treatment for first-time DUI offenders, rather than strictly punishment and suspension. The three levels of DUI in PA are:

  1. General Impairment (.08 to .099% BAC)
  2. High BAC (.10 to .159% BAC)
  3. Highest BAC (.16% and higher)

Under the new DUI law minors, commercial drivers, school vehicle or bus drivers, and offenders involved in an accident that injures someone or causes property damage may be subject to the high BAC penalties even if their BAC is not in the high category.

According to Pennsylvania's driver's manual if you have a DUI and are accepted into the ARD program or convicted for the first time, you could:

  • • Lose your license for at least 30 days for ARD and one year minimum if convicted.
  • • Be sentenced to jail for 72 hours or more if convicted.
  • • Pay a fine of between $300 and $5,000 in addition to related fees and other costs.
  • • Undergo alcohol and drug evaluation.
  • • If necessary, be ordered to undergo alcohol and drug rehabilitation treatment.
  • • Be required to participate in 12 1/2 hours of Alcohol Highway Safety School.

PennDOT will automatically expunge ARD records after 10 years providing a person's operating privileges were not revoked as a habitual offender and/or the person was not a commercial driver at the time of the violation.

From the information we could find it appears that a DUI in Pennsylvania stays on your driving record for 7 years. Since DUI laws have become more stringent in the last few years in Pennsylvania you may want to check the PennDOT to find out for certain how long the DUI remains on a driving record at this current time.


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