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Living in Florida, how long do you have to cancel a contract for buying a car?


According to the Division of Consumer Services, a part of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, when buying a car the contract is binding on you and the dealer. There is no right to cancel unless the contract specifically states it. Though the salesperson's signature on the contract may not be binding on the dealership if an authorized representative, i.e., sales manager or general manager, has not signed it.

If you have a signed contract for a car it appears it is binding unless the contract specifically lists an amount of time in which one party or other can cancel or back out of the contract.

If there is an issue with the vehicle, Florida law requires that auto dealers inform customers about the Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act, also known as the "Lemon Law." The Lemon Law program has proven to be an effective means of recourse for Florida consumers who have purchased or leased NEW defective autos.

The Lemon law established arbitration boards throughout the state to hear and settle complaints between car manufacturers and owners. Consumers who are successful in Lemon Law arbitration have received either refunds or replacement vehicles. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services' has a Lemon Law hotline at 1-800-321-5366.

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