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What is the minimum auto insurance coverage for the state of Florida?


Florida's minimum auto insurance coverage is $10,000 personal injury protection (PIP) and $10,000 property damage liability (PDL) as long as you have a valid Florida tag, even if the vehicle is in another state or inoperative. There are no exemptions in the law. However, if you have been involved in a crash, or been convicted of certain offenses, you may be required to purchase bodily injury liability coverage (BIL).

The Florida no-fault laws changed on October 1, 2007 so that as of this date PIP was no longer required. However the bill to restore Personal Injury Protection, also referred to as no-fault, was signed the bill into law October 11, 2007. The bill to reinstate PIP took effect January 1, 2008. So for this short period of October through December of 2007 PIP was not required in FL, only PDL was required.

PIP is coverage that will compensate a loss due to injury regardless of who is charged with causing the crash. PIP applies to bodily injury to you, relatives who live in your home and passengers who are not required to have PIP, as well as licensed drivers who drive your vehicle with your permission. PIP insurance also protects you if you are injured as a pedestrian or bicyclist as long as the injury is caused by a crash involving a motor vehicle.

Property damage liability (PDL) coverage pays for damages you or members of your family cause (and are liable for) to other people's property in a crash involving a motor vehicle. It does not cover your vehicle, for that you would need physical damage coverages on it such as collision and comprehensive.

To meet the minimum car insurance requirements of in Florida the insurance must be Florida coverage. This means that the insurance policy is delivered or issued for delivery in Florida by an insurance company licensed by the Florida Department of Insurance.

If you have a loan on your vehicle then your lien holder will likely require you to have collision and comprehensive physical damage coverages on your vehicle as well the state's minimum liability of PIP and PDL.


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