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Can you have Comprehensive Insurance without Collision coverage?


State laws and insurance companies' guidelines differ regarding if you can have comprehensive without collision coverage. If state laws allow then you may be able to find an insurance company that will permit this but most insurance companies will require both coverages to be on your vehicle.

For example Esurance says that comprehensive coverage is an optional insurance coverage however, it must be included on policies that have collision coverage. Esurance also states that these coverages cannot be purchased without bodily injury coverage.

Under true insurance coverage definitions these physical damages insurance coverages are called Collision and Other Than Collision (Comprehensive). Therefore, you would need to have Collision in order to get coverage for Other Than Collision (OTC).

So while you may find it difficult to obtain comprehensive coverage without collision the opposite is not true. You should be able to easily purchase collision without comprehensive coverage if you so desired. To get the most protection on your vehicle you would want both collision and comprehensive on your vehicle. To get a quote for auto insurance on your vehicle for these coverages, click here.


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