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Are the tires and rims (stock) covered under the full coverage?

Tires and rims may be covered under your full coverage, meaning liability plus physical damage coverages of collision and comprehensive. The terms of insurance policies differ but in many cases blowouts or tire/rim damage that is not caused by theft or vandalism or is not a result of a vehicle collision causing tire or rim damage are not covered.

Thus if a tire and/or rim is damaged from either theft, vandalism or a collision then it will be up to the terms of your "full coverage" if these items standard to the car will be covered or not. So read through the terms of your insurance policy and/or speak to your agent about your specific coverages.

Now if your tires and/or rims are "add ons," customized for your vehicle, you would likely need an endorsement for these items to be fully covered if stolen or damaged.

In many cases for these performance or custom parts to be covered under your policy your insurance company would need to know about the parts beforehand. Many insurance companies would then want to do an endorsement to cover these non-factory parts. Some insurance companies would call this an additional equipment endorsement or custom parts coverage.


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