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Does auto insurance cover the vehicle or the driver? If I am insured by my company, do I also need to have insurance to drive my personal vehicles?

Insurance can cover a vehicle and/or a person. For example if you own a vehicle it will be listed on your policy and insurance would follow the vehicle for when you loan your car to others. If you do not own a vehicle you can have non-owners auto insurance in which case that insurance would cover you, but normally as secondary insurance on a vehicle. The insurance of the owner of the car, the one you borrowed since as a non-owner you would not have one of your own, would be the primary coverage provider.

Some get confused and believe that Uninsured Motorist coverage pays for other drivers. Should you pay for auto insurance that covers other drivers? That question is unrelated to UM coverage. UM coverage pays for you if the other driver is uninsured. It is good protection, especially in states that don't strictly enforce their insurance requirement laws.

You can check with your business policy insurance carrier but normally that business insurance auto policy is for company cars and would not extend to your personal vehicle unless your car was in fact listed on the business policy. Another factor is that most states require the owner of a motor vehicle to carry insurance, or another form of financial responsibility, on their vehicle in order to have the car registered.

Therefore, unless your company's auto insurance extended to your vehicle, you would need to purchase your own car insurance to cover your vehicle. If you need an affordable auto insurance quote for your personal vehicle you can start here with us. In addition, you may want to read more about purchasing a personal auto insurance policy with business use, or to purchase a business auto policy.


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5 Responses to "Does auto insurance cover the vehicle or the driver? If I am insured by my company, do I also need to have insurance to drive my personal vehicles?"
  1. Gene Williamson

    As an insurance agent I can tell you even if you have 6 cars and don't loan them to anyone, in most states you are still required to insure them all even if you just drive on Sundays only.

  2. Visitor

    In Alabama does insurance follow the vehicle and then the driver?

  3. Anonymous

    I asked the same question, "Am I insuring the vehicle or myself as a driver?" of many, many insurance carriers while shopping for car insurance. The reason I was asking this question in the first place was because my wife and I (no kids) own ten vehicles. If I was insured as an individual, I could drive any one of the vehicles and be covered. I can only drive one car at a time! Why should I pay the premiums on vehicles I'm not even driving? It's not fair!

  4. Anonymous

    I need to know if auto Insurance policy have a statue of limitation on claim for bobily injury

  5. Anonymous

    I did not know car insurance follows the vehicle and not the driver.

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