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Where can I get golf cart insurance only?


Insurance for a golf cart is normally inexpensive once you find a carrier to provide you with a policy. Golf cart insurance is a type of specialty insurance that not all insurance carriers provide. Currently we offer this coverage through Safeco Insurance.

Please call 1-800-936-0356 and one of our partner representatives can assist you or click on the above link.

In some areas your homeowners policy may extend coverage to a golf cart that is used on your own property. In general though most homeowner insurance policies do not cover golf carts as a part of the homeowners property. This can be a significant liability to golf cart owners involved in accidents.

In addition, through our partner you can have additional discounts if you combine your golf cart insurance policy with your auto insurance policy.

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2 Responses to "Where can I get golf cart insurance only?"
  1. Anonymous

    Where can I get golf car insurance only? The answer is in the above link.

  2. Anonymous

    Direct and to the point. Golf Cart Insurance AAA home and car insurance does not have golf cart coverage.