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How long do tickets and accidents stay on your driving record in Tennessee?


According to the Tennessee Driver's manual the Department of Safety keeps records of traffic violations and accidents for each TN driver. These records are based on reports forwarded to the Department of Safety by the courts and through reports of traffic accidents submitted by investigating officers.

The TN Driver Licenses Services site does not mention how long certain offenses stay on your driving record or if any violations will ever be removed or taken off. It is mentioned in the TN driver's handbook that after the first conviction for DUI that you can obtain a restricted license under certain provisions, one is that you have not had a prior conviction of a DUI within 10 years, so it would appear that a DUI stay with you for at least that length of time.

Drivers who accumulate twelve (12) or more points within a twelve (12) month period receive a notice of proposed suspension. In an effort to keep drivers aware of the possibility of losing their privilege to drive an advisory letter is mailed to a licensee having 6 to 11 points on their driving record within any 12 months. So points and violations stay around as long as 12 months on your driving record.

I would suggest to find out how long violations and accidents recorded on your Tennessee driving record will be stay on it contact the TN Department of Safety through their site or on the phone at (615) 251-5166.

Also if you need a copy of a three-year driver record this can be obtained by going to the local TN Department of Safety and paying a $5.00 fee.


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