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What exactly is comprehensive and collision and the difference between the two?


Collision and comprehensive coverages are both types of physical damage coverages which are optional auto insurance coverage. Normally though if you are paying off a lease or loan on the vehicle the lien holder will require this coverages be placed on their asset, the car.

Collision covers damage to your car when your car hits, or is hit by, another vehicle, or other object. This type of coverages pays to fix your vehicle less the deductible you choose.

This optional coverage will pay for damage to your auto regardless of who causes the accident. Collision Coverage applies if your auto is hit by another vehicle or if your auto hits other objects that cause damage to your vehicle. There are various deductible options, which you can select for this coverage.

Comprehensive covers your vehicle, and sometimes other vehicles you may be driving for losses resulting from incidents other than collision. For example, comprehensive insurance covers damage to your car if it is stolen; or damaged by flood, fire, or animals. It also pays to fix your vehicle less the deductible you choose.

Comprehensive is also sometimes referred to as "other then collision" since it basically pays for damages to your vehicle caused by perils other than a collision, So while collision insurance pays for damages your car sustained due to a collision with another object, comprehensive covers damage to your automobile from such things as vandalism, theft, or glass breakage.

Keep in mind that not every non-collision related loss is covered under comprehensive coverages. For instance, your damages are not covered if they are caused by wear and tear, freezing, mechanical breakdown or road damage to tires.

Make sure to notify your insurance company of any customization you do to your vehicle after it is purchased or it may not be covered under these physical damage coverages.

Some insurance companies will not sell comprehensive coverage without the collision coverage. And, some insurance companies will require you keep the deductible amount the same for both coverages.

If you need to shop around for auto insurance rates on liability or "full coverages" of collision and comprehensive, come to us for a quote.


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