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What is the countrywide average comprehensive insurance deductible amount?


From the information we found, insurance professionals say that the average auto insurance policy carries a $500 deductible for both collision and comprehensive claims. Because customers can select options from $0 to $5,000 the average is hard to calculate. If we were to estimate, we would estimate it around $375. Most users select a deductible between $200 and $500.

A deductible is the dollar amount that an insured chooses as the portion of damages they agree to pay for if filing an auto insurance claim under certain coverages listed on their policy.

For example, you had an act of vandalism occurs to your car where the damages cost $2,500 to repair and you put in a comprehensive claim with your insurance company. You would pay out of pocket your $500 deductible and then the insurance company would take care of the remaining $2000 loss amount.

Usual insurance deductible amounts are $250, $500 or $1000 with the insured choosing the deductible they feel is best for their financial situation. Insureds typically choose a deductible amount for collision and comprehensive coverages. 



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