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Which is the better coverage 100/300 or 300CSL and why?


300 Combined Single Limit (CSL) is better than 100/300 split limits because you aren't limited to $100,000 of coverage per incident, with CSL you have a single limit up to $300,000.

Assuming you are speaking about $300,000 CSL and $100,000/$300,000 split Bodily Injury limits.

In some states you can purchase CSL that will cover your Bodily Injury and Property Damage, but typically when you refer to CSL you are talking about a combined single limit instead of split limits for a single coverage.

100/300 has a per person limit of $100,000, where as 300CSL has an overall limit of $300,000 with no per person limit.

Single limit auto insurance coverage allows you one single amount of coverage that can be used as needed for bodily injury in an accident. This one single amount is the most the insurance company will be obligated to pay for damages resulting from one single accident. It can also be termed combined single limit (CSL) as you referred to it as.

So for the $300,000 figure you mentioned this would be per accident thus that is the total that the insurance provider will pay for all bodily injuries caused in one accident, no matter the number of people injured or what the portion of bodily injury is for a single person. Split limit coverage splits the coverage amount into different limits, such as the 100/300 you listed. Under the split limit coverage these numbers would mean that you have $100,000 of bodily injury coverage per person up to a total benefit of $300,000 per accident. So you are limited to $100,000 per person in a loss.

The difference between a combined single limit policy and a split limit policy is that the split limit requires multiple limitations to the policy while single limit coverage gives you one amount of coverage to use as needed for the expenses resulting from an auto accident.

The split limit has the portions of payment limits already designated while the combined single limit policy can give a policyholder the ability to use the entire coverage for bodily injury.

The availability of these different forms of coverage varies from insurance company to insurance company and may also depend upon state insurance laws. If you need an auto insurance quote for $300CSL, enter your zip code above to get a quote. We don't offer the CSL limits in our quote form, but they are available for endorsement with some of our carriers.


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    Why one is better than the other.

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    I am in the business of insurance and have used your site for some questions I have in my job.