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If I have a suspended License out of Florida and no warrant can get my DL (driver's license) in Georgia where I am now residing?


Normally one must get their license reinstated in the state that the motorist was previously licensed in before applying for and being issued a new driver's license in a new state. If your license is suspended or revoked it should show up in the National Driver Register (NDR) that state Department of Motor Vehicles check when a person applies for a license.

The NDR is a central database of information on problems drivers, meaning motorists, whose license is revoked, suspended, canceled or denied or has been convicted of a serious traffic related offense. All 51 US jurisdictions provide information to the NDR and can search the database for information on drivers applying for a driver's license.

The Georgia Driver's manual states that you must apply for a Georgia driver's license within 30 days of becoming a Georgia resident if you wish to drive upon the highways of this state. So if you are a new Georgia resident, you are required to change your existing out-of-state license to a Georgia license within 30 days of establishing residency.

The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) states that if you currently 18 years or older and hold a VALID out-of-state license (or an out-of-state license that expired less than two years ago) you must do the following when applying for a new Georgia driver's license:

  • Surrender your current license.
  • Provide a verifiable Social Security Number.
  • Show documents that prove residence (a recent bank statement, utility bill, or lease or a letter from an employer on company letterhead with your current name and address).
  • Show documents that prove identity (this may include an original or certified copy of a birth certificate, a certificate of birth registration, a naturalization document, certain court records, a U.S. passport, a U.S. military ID, or an immigration card).
  • Show documents that prove citizenship (this may include birth certificate from a U.S state or territory or an immigration document).
  • Take a vision exam.

If the applicant has lost his or her out-of-state license, he or she must show a letter of clearance from the issuing state (dated within 30 days) that includes the license holder's information. He or she must also show the same proof of residency, identity, and citizenship as listed above. If the out-of-state license has not expired for more than two years, the applicant will not be required to take a driving skills or a written knowledge exam. He or she will only be required to take a vision examination.

You can contact the GA DDS to see if you can obtain a Georgia license without reinstating your Florida license but likely they will require you to take care of the Florida issues and get the FL license reinstated before issuing you a GA license.


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