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Is the Mazda RX8 which has 4 doors, 2 hidden, considered a sports car?

Classifying a vehicle varies from insurance company to insurance company. The classification of a car as a sports car, family car, etc will depend upon the definitions set forth by each individual insurance company. Each insurance company has its own vehicle classification system that is typically based upon ISO (Insurance Services Office) VIN system or other company proprietary ranking systems.

Both foreign and domestic private passenger autos are classified as a vehicle type - sports car, high performance, luxury, van, truck, convertible, etc. Each of the following items helps determine a vehicle's classification as a sports car or other type of vehicle:

  • Engine Type
  • Manufacturer
  • Body Style
  • Engine Size
  • Full Model Name
  • Model/Series
  • Body
  • Engine
  • Cylinders
  • Restraint
  • Restraint Indicator
  • Anti-lock
  • Transmission
  • Other Options
  • Daytime Running Lights
  • Wheel Base
  • Class Code
  • Anti-Theft
  • Curb Weight
  • Gross Vehicle Weight
  • Height
  • Horsepower

An RX-8 may have 4 doors but if it acts like a sports car in other ways, in the way of horsepower, etc, it will most likely be classified as a sports car or high performance vehicle. Even if the Mazda is not categorized as a sports car it may still have higher rates of insurance on it due to the cost of repairs for this vehicle, if it is a vehicle that commonly stolen, etc.

If you are interested in purchasing a vehicle which you think might be considered a sports car check with your insurance agent to find out how the vehicle will defined by their specific guidelines. You can start shopping for car insurance prices here with us.


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