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Why would your system reject my VIN number?

We match up your entered Vehicle Identification Number to the largest VIN database available.

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is the unique 17-digit identification code assigned to every vehicle by its manufacturer. This number appears on your state registration, and is often stamped along the lower driver's side edge of a vehicle's dashboard.

If you are having difficulties validating the VIN it is typically a mistyped OR miscopied VIN. Some state documents (title, registrations, etc.) have incorrect VINs. Please get your VIN directly from the vehicle if you are having difficulties.

During the quote, if your VIN is not recognized by our database, please enter the year, make, and model below for a quote.

These are the main VIN checks that we do in order to help you find the problem with your VIN:

  • Verify the VIN has at least 10 characters
  • For vehicles older than 1980 we check if VIN is 17 characters long
  • Verify that the VIN does not contain i, o, or q. A VIN cannot contain I, O or Q
  • Check for the 9th digit to be an X or a number.
  • Check for 10th digit to match the corresponding year code, for example "A", "L", "Y" are for 1980,1990,2000.
  • Do an overall checksum match on the VIN.

If you are still unable to get the VIN validated, please call our sales department at 1-855-430-7753.


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