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Can I drive with a learner's permit to school alone?


It will depend upon your state's laws and their restrictions or conditions set upon your learner's permit. In most states with a permit you are not yet allowed to drive alone but most have a fully licensed passenger over the age of 21 supervising you at all times.

In some states once you have graduated to a provisional or junior license you can get permission to drive outside of your restrictions if given permission by the proper authorities.

For example in Missouri provisional licensed drivers are normally not allowed to drive between the hours of 11:55 pm and 5:00 am however if one is going to or from an event or activity sponsored by a secondary or postsecondary school in which he or she is enrolled as a student there may be an exception.

In MO the provisional permit holder would need to keep in his or her possession a signed statement from the school principal, dean or school staff member designated by the principal or dean, containing a probable date that the school-authorized activity will be completed to be allowed to drive outside of the normal hour restrictions placed upon their graduated license type.

To find out what restrictions and conditions you have associated with your learner's permit and if you can drive yourself to school alone and without a supervising licensed passenger, check with your state's Department of Motor Vehicles.


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