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What is the fine for speeding in Virginia and how much are court costs?


The cost of your speeding ticket you receive in Virginia will vary depending upon what VA state statute you were cited for.

For example according to the Virginia Uniform Fine Schedule for Prepayable Traffic Offenses if you were cited for VA statute 46.2-870, exceeding speed limit of 55 mph or 65 mph on interstates and highways the fine is $5 per mile over the limit, plus processing and local fees. While if you were ticketed for breaking Virginia state statute 46.2-87, exceeding speed limit at school crossing, the fine is $6 per mile over limit plus processing and local fees.

You can search the VA Uniform Fine Schedule. It is listed as being an easy reference tool to all offenses, both traffic and non-traffic that a person may prepay in Virginia.

The fine schedule notes that the amount listed in the total column that they have includes only the Fixed Fee (Revenue Code 460 or 461). The total column does not include the Court House Security Fee or the Local Criminal Justice Training Academy Fee. Localities must adopt these fees by local ordinance before the judicial officer can collect it as part of a prepayment. The column also does not include any other add-on fees required for specific offenses.

So while you can look up the basic fine amount, you will need to contact the court or go online to try and prepay your speeding ticket to find out the exact amount due, which will include court costs, local fees, etc, since these extra fees differ depending upon the locality and jurisdiction which you received your traffic ticket in. The Virginia Judicial System web page allows some tickets to be paid online, so you may want to see if your ticket can be paid in this manner instead of going to the courthouse.

Also keep in mind that Virginia started charging extra fees for certain traffic offenses as of July 1, 2007. The VA Department of Motor Vehicles notes that drivers convicted of serious traffic offenses will be charged conviction-related abusive driver fees.

These fees do not apply to the typical traffic violation such as failure to yield, or parking too near a fire hydrant, for example. Abusive driver fees will only apply when the person is convicted of reckless driving, driving on a suspended or revoked license, driving under the influence, or other serious traffic offenses that occur after July 1, 2007. The fees are based on the following schedule:

  • Driving on a suspended or revoked license - $250 each year for three years;
  • Reckless or aggressive driving - $350 each year for three years;
  • Driving while intoxicated - $750 each year for three years;
  • Other misdemeanor convictions for driving and/or motor vehicle-related offense -$300 each year for three years;
  • Any felony conviction for driving or motor vehicle-related offense - $1000 each year for three years.

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