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Is a ticket for disobeying pavement markings considered a moving violation?

Yes, a ticket for disobeying pavement markings is considered a moving violation. Moving violations are in general those citations that you receive while you are in your vehicle such as speeding, running a stop sign, careless driving, etc. Non-moving violations are infractions for things such as expired registration, equipment not in compliance with the law or parking tickets.

Many times by employers and insurance companies you are required to give information on moving violations that you have been convicted of within a certain period of time. Pleading guilty to a moving violation normally means that you are then convicted of it. In some states there are other pleas you can give, such as prayer of judgment continued (PJC) or adjudication withheld, that the state may not consider as a conviction and thus not place on your driving record.

If you are trying to determine about moving violations and non-moving violations on your driver's license, your state's Department of Motor Vehicles should be able to inform you what offenses are considered moving versus non-moving. You may also try reading through your state's Driver Manual to see if you may be able to obtain this information.


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