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Will running a red light ticket affect my auto insurance in Minnesota?


A conviction for a ticket you received for running a red light could affect your car insurance rates in Minnesota. If your record is clean besides this one infraction of the law then your insurer may not raise your rates, however it is up to your insurance carrier's rating system whether a first ticket will raise your premiums and if so by how much.

The MN Department of Commerce notes that an insurance company may affix a surcharge to your policy if you make a claim or receive a ticket for a traffic violation. They advise you to ask about the company's surcharge policy, under what conditions it is applied, and how the amount is determined.

When comparing rates of insurance companies, the seemingly lowest rates may not be, once the surcharge is factored in. Some insurers do not have surcharge plans; some forgive first accidents, tickets, and similar violations; and most companies will vary in the amount of their surcharge.

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To find out if your insurer will raise your rates due to traffic ticket contact your insurance agent to find out about your insurance provider's rating system. If your rates go up you may want to shop around for discount auto insurance.



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