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Why does CarInsurance.com rank so high in all car insurance searches? What is their SEO secret?


The easiest answer for us is that we strive to give our visitors everything related to car insurance. Our main goal is not to be high in all car insurance searches, but because our goal is to give our visitors quality resources, quotes, and policies the search engines recognize that and rank us high.

Our primary mission is to actively manage our clients and to continually enhance our company's value as a long-term online insurance agency. We believe that the thoughtful, deliberate and prudent management of every policy, both in financial terms and in terms of maintaining the quality of customer service and dedication allows us to prosper.

We pursue this mission through our basic business: as large scale, comprehensive insurance underwriters and agent services which are committed to the highest standards of quality. We employ the most talented, motivated people available, and encourage them to apply their full potential in the pursuit of excellence. We insist that our business goals serve both our agents and customers. We seek to enhance the long-term equity values of all relationships.

In all these things, we are determined to conduct our affairs honestly, fairly, forthrightly and ethically.

From a search engine optimization point of view, we follow the latest web standards and we verify that our site is not in the business of tricking visitors. With that simple rule, we comply with all the guidelines offered by any search engine. We do not want to deceive or manipulate our visitors or search engines, we just want to give them the resources they need to purchase a quality car insurance policy online or through our call center. We make every part of our site for our visitors not for the search engines. We work hard to follow these guidelines and anytime we see an issue we correct it and maintain the highest product available.


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