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How do I become a car insurance agent in New Jersey?


You will need to satisfy the requirements set forth by the state of New Jersey in order to become a property and casualty insurance agent. There are many lines of insurance in which you can become licensed.

Normally to become a car insurance agent you will need to complete a specific number of hours of classroom training and pass a test to become qualified to take an examination administered by your state.

In general licenses are issued only to applicants who complete specified pre-licensing courses and continue on to pass a state examination covering insurance fundamentals and state insurance laws. Part of this is usually classroom hours, a test and then a final exam.

The NJ Department of Banking and Insurance (DOBI) states that the mandatory pre-licensing education classroom hours varies depending upon the type of insurance producer lines of authority that you want to be licensed in. For property it is 20 hours for casualty it is 20 hours and for combined property and casualty it is 40 hours of education.

The DOBI also notes that approved insurance education providers may offer a supplemental pre-licensing education course to assist those license candidates who feel the need for more detailed instruction. This course may be of any duration but is not mandatory. All required instruction will be included in the mandatory course lasting 20 hours for the major lines.

The DOBI has information on their website on how to find approved insurance education providers. These providers may offer pre-licensing education courses, continuing education courses, or both. The courses they offer may be in a traditional classroom setting, a self study format, or both. The DOBI list contains contact information for each provider and the type of courses they offer.

Once you are ready to take the examination to obtain your license there is a $60 fee. Examinations are given by a contracted vendor of the DOBI, Promissor, each Tuesday through Saturday except on holidays. After completing the required pre-licensing education requirements, contact Promissor to schedule an appointment. Promissor is required to offer the examination at permanent test locations throughout the State. You will be given the exact location when an appointment is established.

Once you have a license to have it renewed you will need to take continuing education classes for credits. The DOBI states that individuals renewing their license after a 2 year period should complete 24 credits with 3 of these 24 approved for ethics instruction.

For more information on how to become an auto insurance agent in New Jersey you can contact the NJ Department of Banking and Insurance, the insurance regulatory body for the state. They can give you a list of education providers and other information on the licensing and examination process so that you can become licensed as a car insurance agent.


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