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Does insurance violation show up on driving record?


Question: In the state of Maryland does an compulsory insurance violation - due to a lapse in insurance - show up on your driving record, and if so, how long does it remain on your driving record? Even though you cannot register another vehicle in your name until the fines are paid, does that also mean that you cannot be insured on a vehicle under someone else's policy?

Answer: According to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) points system driving without insurance is a violation of MD transportation code Title 17 and is listed as a 5 point violation. If the five points will be placed on your Maryland driver's license then the violation of being an uninsured driver would also be placed on your driving record.

A representative we contacted at the MVA noted that if you have an insurance violation, the violation will be placed on the registration record as well as your driving record.

The MVA representative also stated that the owner with the violation can be on the title of another vehicle but cannot obtain registration until the insurance violation has been cleared. So yes, you can be on someone else's insurance policy for a car that is registered in their name, just not on a car registered in your own name since Maryland law states that the Administration shall keep convenient records or make suitable notations showing the convictions or traffic accidents in which each licensee has been involved and every probation before judgment disposition of any violation of the Maryland Vehicle Law. It does not state here nor does the MVA note how long the driving without insurance violation will remain on your motor vehicle record (MVR) and registration record.

Section 16-117.1 of the Maryland Code deals with the expungement of certain driving records. You can read through this part of MD law or contact the Maryland MVA to find out how long a conviction for driving without insurance, due to a lapse, will remain on your driving record.

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