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Will a seat belt violation (driver) cause insurance to go up? I live in a NY state.

If this seat belt violation is your first and only minor New York State moving violation then it should not cause a surcharge to be added to your auto insurance policy.

According to the NYS Insurance Department surcharges are not permitted if you have a single minor moving violation of the Vehicle & Traffic Law, other than those excepted by the Insurance Law. These exceptions include (partial list) being convicted of:

  • speeding more than 15 MPH over the legal limit;
  • driving while intoxicated or impaired by alcohol or drugs;
  • operating a vehicle while attempting to avoid apprehension by a law enforcement officer;
  • leaving the scene of an accident without reporting it;
  • operating a vehicle in a race or speed test;
  • driving without a license or knowingly permitting an unlicensed person to drive your vehicle; or
  • filing a false insurance claim.

If you already have other moving violations on your NY driving record then a conviction of this seat belt violation could cause your rates to rise however if this is your first minor moving violation then a surcharge would not be charged and thus your premiums would not be raised due to only this citation.

Your insurer may take off a safe driver discount, etc for a moving violation though so you should check with your insurance agent for information on your insurance company's rating system.

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