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Do you have estimate of fine for CVC 21460 (a)crossing double yellow line also points?


California Vehicle Code (CVC) 21460 is titled Double Lines and reads as follows:

(a) When double parallel solid lines are in place, no person driving a vehicle shall drive to the left thereof, except as permitted in this section.

(b) When the double parallel lines, one of which is broken, are in place, no person driving a vehicle shall drive to the left thereof, except as follows:

(1) That the driver on that side of the roadway in which the broken line is in place may cross over the double line or drive to the left thereof when overtaking or passing other vehicles.

(2) As provided in Section 21460.5.

(c) Either of the markings as specified in subdivision (a) or (b) does not prohibit a driver from crossing the marking when (1) turning to the left at any intersection or into or out of a driveway or private road, or (2) making a U-turn under the rules governing that turn, and either of the markings shall be disregarded when authorized signs have been erected designating off center traffic lanes as permitted under Section 21657.

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(d) Raised pavement markers may be used to simulate painted lines described in this section when the markers are placed in accordance with standards established by the Department of Transportation.

California has a Uniform Bail and Penalty Schedule that recommends what fines and penalties should be handed out for various violations of the law however fines for traffic citations are jurisdictional. This means that judges in each county court can modify the fines for their specific jurisdiction.

Thus there is no way for us to quote a set amount for traffic citations statewide for CA. You can get a ticket for the same offense in two different CA counties and the fines could be for a different amount.

However, the counties seem to stay close to the state schedule when determining fees. From our research we found that the minimum "suggested" fine for this double line offense is listed in the uniform bail schedule as $146. Likely the fine will be for around this amount or more depending upon court fees, etc. To find out for certain the fine amount you will need to pay if you were cited for this infraction of California law, contact the court listed on the ticket.

As for points, a CVC 21460(a) double line violation is listed on the CA DMV negligent operator points scheduleĀ as being assessedĀ 1 point.



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1 Responses to "Do you have estimate of fine for CVC 21460 (a)crossing double yellow line also points?"
  1. Anonymous

    I thank you for the answer. I was able to give my wife a closer estimate than her friends that told her from $400.00 to $500.00. The court wouldn't give an estimate because ticket is not proccessed yet. Frank