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How long is an SR-22 in Florida?


Normally in Florida an SR-22 is required to be carried for 3 years however the reason behind why the financial certificate must be maintained can change the amount of time it must be kept; sometimes the form must only be filed for 2 years or a judge can deem longer for DUI related cases.

According to information from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (HSMV), Florida motorists can be required to provide this Department with proof of PIP/property damage liability insurance coverage based on cancellations of coverage, accidents involving property damages where no proof of coverage was evidenced at the scene, when registering or renewing a vehicle registration, and court-ordered suspensions.

In general a driver will have to carry the SR22 for 3 years in FL, the time period for carrying the SR22 begins at the notification date or the suspension date. These three years begins from the date that you first obtain the SR-22 form maintain continuous coverage. So if during that 3 year period you canceled your SR-22 and the associated auto insurance coverages the 3 year period would start over from the day you reinstated the coverages.

Since the time period for carrying an SR-22 can vary so can the start date, thus we would advise you to contact the FL HSMV to find out the when the 3 year time period started for your requirement to carry the SR22.


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