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Fine for driving on expired license


Question: What is the fine for driving on expired driver license in Texas?

Answer: The fine amount will differ depending upon the county or jurisdiction in Texas which you received a ticket for driving with an expired driver's license. It is our understanding this is a violation of the TX law requiring one to have in their possession a valid license and must display it upon demand. This is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine not to exceed $200.

We have seen fines as low as $100 and as high as $200 for this driver's license violation. So if you were cited for driving with an expired license in TX check with the court listed on the citation to find out what fine amount the court in that area has set for this offense.

The good news is that if your remedy the problem, by renewing your expired driver's license, within a short period of being ticketed for this violation of Texas law you may be able to get the ticket dismissed.

According to several Texas municipal courts, and chapter 521 of the TX Transportation code, if you are charged with "driving with an expired driver's license," the court may dismiss the charge if you have remedied this defect within a certain number working days or before your first court appearance. You will though normally be required to pay an administrative fee if the charge is dismissed.

Some courts allow you up to 20 working days in order to get the expired license ticket dismissed while others appear to only allow you 10 working days after the ticket was issued to get your driver's license renewed.

Remember the ticket for an expired driver's license is eligible for dismissal by the judge so it may be up to his discretion and you will need to have the proper paperwork to show the court. If, for some reason, the Judge does not approve your request, you must be prepared to pay the fine and costs associated with the ticket.

Most courts note that in order to have your ticket dismissed, you must submit a copy of your ticket and proof of the renewal along with a $10 to $20 administrative fee (amount set by the court). Proof is usually an official receipt from the DPS office that renewed your license. The administrative fee normally must be paid in the form of a cashier's check or money order (or cash if paying in person) at the time of the dismissal.

You may also need to check with the court to make sure your license has not been expired for too long of a period to get it renewed and the ticket dismissed. Some courts noted that the driver's license could not have been expired more than 60 days prior to issue date of the ticket.

Don't forget to purchase an auto insurance policy after your license is renewed - it is illegal to drive without minimum liability insurance in Texas.


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