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How long does a DUI effect your car insurance in New Jersey?


It would depend upon the guidelines of your insurance company to determine how long a DUI on your driving record could affect your auto insurance rates.

The New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance (DOBI), the insurance regulator for NJ, states that each insurance company has underwriting guidelines to determine what type and how many accidents and violations during a specific period constitute a high-risk driver. No specific period of time is listed by the DOBI, thus it is up to an individual insurance company to determine. This being said an insurance company normally rates on offenses for 3, 5 or 7 years.

In NJ, insurers assign insurance eligibility points for accidents and violations, and having seven or more may make it difficult to remain in the voluntary market. So any driver who has accumulated seven or more insurance eligibility points for the three-year period immediately preceding the application for insurance or the three-year period ending 90 days prior to renewal of a policy may not be considered eligible to purchase coverage in the voluntary market. As a result, some insurers will direct them to purchase insurance through the Personal Automobile Insurance Plan (PAIP).

Not all insurers in the New Jersey voluntary market refuse to cover drivers with seven or more insurance eligibility points. If your DUI has caused you to have seven or more insurance eligibility points it may be a good idea to shop around and compare your coverage and pricing options.

If you are directed to the PAIP then be aware that this is not an insurance company; instead, it acts as an administrative clearinghouse and assigns each driver to a company for coverage. Therefore, this type of coverage is referred to as assigned risk. The state of NJ has standardized the rates for this type of coverage and they do not vary from company to company. The rates may also be substantially higher than rates in the voluntary market.

A conviction for driving under the influence on your motor vehicle record (MVR) has a driver assigned 9 insurance eligibility points, which normally means you will considered a high risk driver. Normally if you have seven or more insurance eligibility points upon renewal of your policy, you and possibly anyone else on your insurance policy may have to seek coverage in the assigned risk market instead of the voluntary market. After a 3 year period though your insurance points you have accumulated should drop off so you can look for car insurance coverage again in the NJ voluntary market.


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