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Can I register my car in New Jersey but have insurance from another state?


The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) states that when registering a motor vehicle you must present a NJ insurance identification card. So you need to get your insurance from a New Jersey insurance carrier and not from out of state.

Your NJ insurance company must give you a New Jersey Insurance Identification Card for each vehicle under your policy and you must keep the card in the vehicle and present it:

  • Before an inspection
  • When involved in an accident
  • When stopped for a traffic violation
  • When you are stopped in a spot check by a police officer

If you were to obtain out of state insurance for a car registered and garaged in New Jersey without informing the insurer of these facts then you would be misrepresenting information on your insurance application, a form of insurance fraud.

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The New Jersey insurance regulator notes that reporting to your agent or company that a car is principally garaged in New Jersey when it is garaged elsewhere is insurance fraud and doing the opposite is also true. For example if you were to report to an insurance provider that your car was principally garaged in a different state, such as Pennsylvania, when it would be in New Jersey this would also be considered insurance fraud.

Any form of auto insurance fraud is a serious crime in New Jersey that can lead to heavy fines and possible jail time.

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