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How much will it cost for a ticket of driving without headlights on during night, driving without a license as a minor and driving without insurance in California?


From what we have read, driving without your headlights during the night in CA is written up as an infraction of California Vehicle Code (CVC) 24250 which reads: during darkness, a vehicle shall be equipped with lighted lighting equipment as required for the vehicle by this chapter. This is a 1 point infraction and has a fine around $150.

The penalty in California for driving without a license typically includes not only a fine and court fees but the towing and impoundment of the vehicle the unlicensed driver was operating. If you have had a prior conviction for driving as an unlicensed motorist in California, the state may be able to take the vehicle away from you as forfeiture.

If you are licensed, but were driving with a suspended or revoked license, the penalties can include getting the suspension or revocation time lengthened fines and or imprisonment.

California Vehicle Code Sections 14600 - 14611 discusses the laws regarding licensing in CA. VC 14601 mentions that upon the first conviction of driving with a suspended license there could be county jail time of not less than 5 days or more than 6 months and a fine of not less than $300 or more than $1000.

In California, their DMV notes that driving without insurance is a serious offense. Failure to show proof of insurance when requested may result in fines or a suspended license. If you are stopped by a police officer and asked for proof of insurance and you cannot produce it, you may receive a citation. You can have the ticket nullified by showing proof of insurance in court. You could, however, be assessed an administrative fee for expenses.

Failing to show proof of financial responsibility is a violation of California Vehicle Code Section 16029. Violating this code could result in fines up to $500 plus other penalties such as the impoundment of the vehicle and suspension of your driver's license. If the vehicle is impounded the owner will have to pay for all storage and tow charges.

So if you were ticketed for driving without your headlights on during the night, being an unlicensed driver and an uninsured motorist then your fines will likely at least be several hundred dollars in total. You may also be facing license suspension, impoundment of your vehicle and even jail time. If you were cited for these offenses then contact the court listed on the citation to find out more about the possible penalties you could receive on your court date.


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